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Management Studies

Unlike in the UK where most managers start their careers in a specific discipline, in Zambia it is more common to gain a qualification in Management and then go into a bank or a mine at management level directly. These are senior and highly paid careers, and Starfish provides sponsorship for these courses for a small number of high flyers.

Jones, a Management Studies student

The first Starfish Management student is Jones, an orphan with huge potential and excellent grades but who, without help, would never be able to fulfil that potential.

Starfish is funding Jones to do a 2 year Management diploma in Kitwe. All Starfish students are asked to consider helping one young person in the future, to give them the 'Starfish opportunity', if circumstances allow.

Young people like Jones have the calibre to make a real difference to countries like Zambia.

Robert Pola commenced a course in Management at the University of Zambia, Lusaka in January 2009.



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