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Metal Working


Kalenga is one of the few Starfish students who is not an orphan. He lives with his mother who is working to pay her own way through teacher training college, and there is simply not enough income to allow Kalenga to pursue a course of his own. Starfish has therefore stepped in to cover his fees at Mufulira Technical College for a Metal Fabrication Technician course.


As Kalenga can attend college while living at home, there are no accommodation costs and so for about the cost of a meal for 4 at a nice restaurant in England, this fine young man can qualify with a really marketable skill at the end of this year!


Latest News

Kalenga writes ...

"I am so humbled to hear from you. 

I have passed my exams.

  You are so caring and thank you so much!"

Starfish will continue to take an interest in Kalenga's progress.

August 2010


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