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Teaching is one of the most cost-effective career choices in Zambia. Primary School teacher training is just a few hundred pounds over 2 years, and many Zambians are ideally suited to this sort of career, with their outgoing personalities and their love of people.


Gladys has been supported by her brother for the last 10 yrs
after she, and her 6 siblings (youngest was 3 at the time) were abandoned.
Her brother was a contractor but under the current climate has been made redundant and cannot afford to help any more. Many of her siblings are still in school.
Gladys is studying at the Vineyard Liberty Christian School in Mansa.


Martha completed her training to be a Secondary Teacher at in December 2009. She now has a contract to teach at Katanshi High School.


Starfish student teachers often train at Mufulira Teacher Training School, for both Primary and Secondary School courses.

Janet was the first teacher training student to be sponsored by Starfish. She lives in Mufulira, so can study without having to board or travel outside of town.

Janet is an orphan who is cared for by her uncle and completed secondary school, getting good results. She has always wanted to be a primary school teacher but until now has simply not been able to raise the money to go to college.

The Property team in a local (Newbury) business generously decided in December 2008 not to have their normal Christmas lunch but instead to give the money to Starfish UK. With this, and another donation from Newbury Baptist Church, we were able to pay Janet's course fees.

Update 2010
Janet has completed her course and we are delighted to report that she has now commenced work at a local school in Mufulira. She no longer requires assistance from Starfish, so our help may now be given to other aspiring students.


Mufulira Teacher Training College

Close to the heart of Mufulira is the Teacher Training College providing quality courses at economic cost.

We are in touch with the college, and are investigating the scope for a significant number of student places at this location, for a modest cost per student.

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