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Water Engineer

Anita's father is a carpenter, and has raised half the money to send his daughter to college to be a Water Engineer.

He simply doesn't earn enough to raise any more so Starfish UK is providing the rest. Anita was relieved and delighted,
as was her father.

By way of thanks, he told us that if there are any youngsters locally with no skills that we should send them to him and he will train them to be carpenters!

A fantastic offer that we will of course be taking up.
Anita's course is in the capital Lusaka,
at the Natural Resources Development Centre.


Recent News

Anita tells us that her course in Water Engineering is challenging, but that she is enjoying it very much, especially the hydrology course which has prompted her to think about becoming a hydrologist.


Starfish will of course continue to encourage Anita in her studies.

August 2010

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