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Mufulira Technical Training Institute


Entrance to MTTI in Chachacha Street, Mufulira


Mark Sheircliff meets the Directors of MTTI

End of Term exams in progress

Workshop equipment

Visit by Starfish Trustees to MTTI : April 2010



An increase from 14 students to 700 in 6 years is phenomenal. But when I arrived I found that the information which I had was outdated. 700 related to 2008. In 2009 the number of students has risen to a staggering 954! And the institution is not even in Lusaka or another major town, but in the relative backwater of Mufulira. How can this fantastic achievement be explained? The eight staff manning the Mufulira Mine Trades School saw enough potential to convince themselves to acquire the school in a management buyout (MBO). They registered a company, the Mufulira Technical Training Institute (MTTI) Limited, capitalised with their terminal benefits. At the time MTTI took over the school, there were only 14 trainees. By the end of the year they had nearly 200 students. Today the institute has nine programmes, covering a wide range of technical and industrial skills, including process instrumentation, plant fitting, metal fabrication, heavy equipment repair and automotive mechanics. ...

Prof. Muyunda Mwanalushi, Chairman, ZIPPA

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